Journal Entries


Hi! Welcome!  I can’t wait to meet you!

This blog has been a long time coming.  My name is Amy and I am creating a space here where I share how I am working to make my life as wonderful and happy and joyful as I can.  La Fresa Dulce means the sweet strawberry in Spanish.  Growing up in Los Angeles, strawberries were one of my favorite things. They conjure memories of spring and summer and my great aunts and my grandparents.  They remind me of my birthday where strawberries always adorn an angel food cake.  They remind me of the best in life – times where it is sweet and you are loved.  So, that is how this blog got its name.

I love my husband and my family and my friends and who I work with and what I do for a living as a finance executive at a start-up.  I also love cooking and wine and gardening and writing and fashion and interior design and yoga and travel and horses and art and music and action adventure movies and great TV and magazines and books. These things fill up every corner of my life and I am going to share here how I relentlessly pursue as much happiness and joy as I can. I will share what works and what doesn’t – the good and the bad while asking and attempting to answer the tough questions in life.  My goal is to share my experience with you as I believe shared experiences broaden and shape our lives.